Any Professional Freight Forwarders can join the association for business networking and personal development


who are the Apfflon?
Ans- the fundamental aspect that lead to the formation of Apfflon was to ensure that checks and balances through self-regulation and promotion of adaptation of best practices and enached professionalism are upheld by all it’s members. Apfflon members are a mix of individual and corporate trade and academic organization in the maritime public and private sectors. They are representative of consultancies, research and educational institution, port authorities, govt agencies, haulage provider, builders of cargo ship and plane, 3PL, equipment providers and organization providing a whole range of freight forwarding related services. The main thing they all have in common is a passion for logistics.
who can join Apfflon?
Ans- individual or corporate who business is a freight forwarding, customs brokers and logistics provider.
can people join anywhere in Africa?
Ans- Yes, once you meet up with all required credentials as a professional freight forwarder
what do I stand to gain as a member?
Ans- our primary objective is the creation and dissemination of objective. High-quality knowledge on all aspect of freight forwarding including, regulatory managerial, financial and communication aspect. Activities include: authoring and publishing industry documents, organizing congresses, seminars, workshops and training courses and input into policy development processes.
Apfflon membership provides organization with excellent opportunity to raise their profile and professionally engage with all stakeholders. An added bonus of corporate membership is that employees are also welcomed as a member which can only enhanced their professional advancement in the freight forwarding and logistics community. By joining as a member your organization can be an active participant of the international shipping and logistics community by supporting the exchange of objective. State-of-the-art knowledge and best practices on all aspect of freight forwarding and logistics.
what criteria I should have before becoming a member of Apfflon?
Ans- individual must have at least three (3) years industry experience from a company that deal freight forwarding, courier company and logistics provider.
can the membership of someone or corporate be withdraw?
Ans- Yes, any violation of the association rules and regulation could lead to suspension or total withdraw of association certificate and all related documents
on what condition can authority withdraw a membership?
Ans- Suspension and Termination : Apfflon, shall have the right to suspend participation, or withdraw or cancel the membership, of member if it

(I) fails to pay its annual fees on time, or

(ii) violate any of the Apfflon and fails to correct that breach within ten (10) days of notice from Apfflon or the authority, or

(iii) substantially flagrantly or repeatedly violates of the Apfflon. No refunds of membership fees or others payments will be given.

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TEL: +234-902-802-2896