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Apfflon is acronym for Africa Association of Professional freight forwarders and logistics of Nigeria, an association born out of passion to create value and transform the traditional approach to the business of freight forwarding and logistics in Africa.

Why Apfflon get into the game while there are other associations of parallel interest? Apfflon objectives is to complement the existing business legacy and fill the gap between traditional way of running the business of freight forwarding and logistics in Africa and contemporary business approach in accordance with international standard while upholding professionalism and welfare of every member

However, the socioeconomic impact of the business of freight forwarding cannot be over emphasized. All port terminals in the country are gateway to national prosperity due to huge amount of business transaction taking place every day.

Therefore, those who engage their skill and professionalism in such lucrative venture deserve more than daily bread but total security of life and liberation from mediocrity which other existing professional association failed to take cognizant of.

Apfflon members are a mix of individual and corporate trade and academic organization in the maritime public and private sectors. They are representative of consultancies, research and educational institution, port authorities, govt agencies, haulage provider, builders of cargo ship and plane, 3PL, equipment providers and organization providing a whole range of freight forwarding related services. The main thing they all have in common is a passion for logistics.

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